Can Reiki Therapy Provide Help For Multiple Sclerosis Patients?

A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) can be devastating and comes with life-long, life-altering, and often debilitating symptoms. There are treatments available to alleviate the symptoms, but often they introduce new problems and side effects. That's why some MS sufferers are turning to more natural, noninvasive, and holistic remedies. In addition to yoga, meditation, and a healthy diet, an alternative therapy called reiki is helping some patients live a more normal life with fewer symptoms and no medication side effects. [Read More]

Concerned About Kids In Your Neighborhood? 3 Ways To Handle The Situation

It's a tricky situation. If your suspicions are incorrect, you risk doing irreparable harm to the relationship you have with your neighbors. But if your concerns are valid, a child in your own neighborhood may be living in an environment that is unhealthy or dangerous. If you have found that you have growing concerns that a child in your neighborhood is being harmed or neglected but are unsure of how you can help, the following information can help you devise a positive strategy to help the child. [Read More]

Finding Instructional Books At A Low Cost

If you are in search for books on a specific topic to help you learn a new trade, and you are limited on the funds you can allocate for the purchase of this information, you will need to become a bit creative in your searching efforts. Purchasing new books can be expensive, especially if you wish to have several new manuals or handbooks in your collection. Here are a few ways you can find discounted books, allowing you to start your trade library without emptying your wallet. [Read More]

Tips to Get Your Garden and Lawn Ready for Spring at Your Church

Winter can take a toll on everything, and now that spring is almost here, you need to take some time to get your church property ready. To make things easier, you should ask the members of your church to help you. Garden If you have either a flower or vegetable garden (or both) on your property, spring is the time to get it ready for planting. The first thing you need to do is remove all debris from the garden. [Read More]