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Helping Your Child Transition To A New School

As a parent, pairing your child with a learning environment that is best suited to meet their particular needs is most important. For some parents, this desire means transitioning their child from a public school to a private school, such as Lakeside Christian School. While this transfer may be of great benefit for your child, it may be challenging. Whether it's the fear of meeting new friends or adjusting to the new structure at the school, it can be overwhelming. Knowing how to help your child make this adjustment is critical.

Research Their Interests

If your child has an extracurricular activity that they participated in at their old school, research details about these programs for the new school. Classroom curriculum and other details are important, but your child will really be excited to hear about the activities that most interest them.

For example, if your child was a star soccer player, contact the soccer coach at the new school and get all the details about the upcoming season. When you talk to your child about making the transition to the new school, if you can present this information it may help settle their fears and get them more excited.

Involve Your Child

Although it's your job to make the best decisions for your child, this isn't to say you can't relinquish some of your control and allow your child to be involved in the deciding process. For example, if you have settled on a Christian centered education, but there are four different schools in your local area, allow your child to come along with you on each visit.

When you involve your child in the process, this helps you learn what is important to them. For example, an older child might prefer the layout or location of a one school over the other options.  The more they feel like their needs are important, typically, the happier they will be.

Pick The Ideal Time

When you have your child transfer to the new school will also have an effect on how smooth the process is. Always take into account your child's needs and schedule. For example, say you are planning to make the transition after the school year has already started and your child is a cheerleader for the football season.

In this case, talk with your child to see if they would prefer to finish out their cheering season and then make the transfer.  If your child really wanting to finish the season and you didn't allow them to, this could easily shed a bad light on the whole process.

The easier the transition process, the more confident you will be in your choice and the more rewarding your child's experience. Make sure you are making an effort to keep the switch as easy as possible.