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Tips to Get Your Garden and Lawn Ready for Spring at Your Church

Winter can take a toll on everything, and now that spring is almost here, you need to take some time to get your church property ready. To make things easier, you should ask the members of your church to help you.


If you have either a flower or vegetable garden (or both) on your property, spring is the time to get it ready for planting. The first thing you need to do is remove all debris from the garden. This includes any covering you used to protect perennials from the winter, such as mulch, straw, etc.

When everything has been cleared away, you need to get the soil ready by loosening it up. The easiest way to do this is by using a tiller. If you do not have one, give everyone a shovel and garden rake and put them to work. Be careful around any perennials you may have in your flower garden. Perennials are flowers that come back on their own each year. With these flowers, loosen up the soil around them, but stay away from the base of the flowers.

Once the soil is loosened up, go to a garden center and purchase a few bags of compost. How much you purchase depends on how many gardens you have and how large they are. Spread the compost evenly over the soil and then mix the compost in using either the tiller or a garden rake. Compost will provide the soil with nutrients.

Your garden should now be ready for planting. Head to the local garden center to see what vegetables and flowers should be planted in the spring.


Over the cold winter, soil becomes compacted and hard, which makes it hard for water to penetrate it. To take care of this problem, you need to aerate the soil. Go to an equipment rental store and rent a core aerator for the day. This machine looks much like a large rotary tiller. Core aerators use tines, also called steel tubes. Run the core aerator over the lawn as you would a push lawn mower. As you go, it will remove small plugs of soil and deposit them on the ground to provide aeration.

If you have never used one of these machines before, ask the equipment rental company how to run it properly.

If you live in an area that has warm winters, you will need to mow the brown grass low to the ground to remove leaves and dead stems. If you do not remove this, grass will grow over it and will prevent water from getting down to the roots. Doing these things will allow you to have a lush and green lawn this summer.

When you finish with the gardening and lawn, put some potted flowers near the entrance of your church. You can buy unique religious flower pots online, if you prefer. Choose flowers that grow well in containers.