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Saying Kaddish Can Help You With Your Grief

Losing a loved one is difficult. It can leave you in mourning for a long time. The thing about mourning is that it doesn't get better all at once. It takes time for you to feel better. At times, grief can be like an ocean. Even with time, waves of grief can swamp you and make it hard for you to deal with your loss. In the Jewish religion, there are prayers that can help you with that grief. They are called kaddish


The kaddish is also called the mourner's prayer because it is said in that period of grief. Generally, they are said for 11 months. Each kaddish prayer said has a dual purpose. One of them is for the sanctification and glorification of God. The other is to help remind yourself and heaven that your loved one was a gift of love who was sent to Earth to love and be loved. One nice thing about saying kaddish for the amount of time that it is said is that it allows you to acknowledge your grief, to let it flow over and through you, and to let you surface up from its depths slowly. You can say the kaddish yourself, but you can also hire a service that will say the kaddish for you every day. There are some really good reasons for you to do this. 


One reason is that your loved one might have been more observant than you, or orthodox over conservative, or a different sect. That can mean that you might feel uncomfortable saying the prayers, even though you want them said. If you hire a service, you can choose between all the variables so that you can find the one that would work best to represent your loved one. The service will arrange to have a group say the kaddish for your loved one every day during their daily prayer services. That will make sure that the prayers are said no matter what. 

If you have lost your loved one, there are so many things that can overwhelm you during your grief. There are a lot of rituals and things that you can do that will help you with your grief. Saying the kaddish daily during your grieving period or arranging to have someone else say the prayers during that same time period is one of those things. The prayers can be comforting and healing. 

For more information, look at kaddish recitation service options in your area today.